Solar - Hot Water Heating

Libertyville, IL
In this energy-savings application, solar panels were located at the ideal angle/pitch for active solar gain. (The design of the roof itself was a function of this angle, to provide for as low of a profile as possible). The collector panels have a closed-glycol-filled hot water loop, directing water to and storing in a 100-gallon hot water collector tank. This water is the ‘primary’ source of hot water for the residence; a ‘back-up’ gas-fired water heater was also installed. An integrated pump and separate thermostat system – dedicated to the functioning of the solar-hot-water heat system was incorporated into the home. A second resource of the solar-heated water was the installation of a ‘copper coil’ in the supply air ductwork of the residence. The above-noted thermostat is ‘linked’ with the primary thermostat of the home’s furnace; in advance of a ‘call for heat’ to the furnace, the blower-motor of the furnace would activate, simultaneously triggering a separate pump for solar-heated water to circulate through the coil. Thus, when the ducted air is passed over hot copper – heated air is produced, then distributed to the zones, as called for. Solar heated air!