Under-Floor Air Distribution System (UFAD)

Deerfield, IL
An accepted practice in LEED and energy-conscious design – this system results in increased indoor air quality, comfort, and energy-savings. Installed beneath the floor level(s) of the project, the home’s basement slab was performed in 2 pours: a sub-pour, followed by the installation of the ‘grid’, then a top layer of concrete. The ‘grid’ is an interconnected network of metal ‘domes’ – each locking together, and cohesively creating a ‘void’ between the slabs. Ductwork of the basement-located zoned furnace is then installed such that forced air is directed downwards, into the void, and transmits this ‘blanket’ of air throughout the basement. Floor-located supply-air diffusers at the perimeter of the space, coupled with return-air grilles (and ductwork) located ‘high’ and to the center, provide for an optimal air flow. Passively, on the heating cycle, hot air directed into the UFAD transmits thermal energy to the metal (material), thus heating the concrete and floor of the space(s).